05 Nov


Hello and welcome to ReplaceThePlastic.com.  We’ve created this resource to encourage and assist you as you embark on the challenging task of replacing the miriad of items you use every day with healthier alternatives that don’t contain hormone disrupting, cancer-causing and enviroment-destroying  chemical compounds.

Our Story
As will happen to a couple of American 40-somethings, we began to observe a trend developing in ourselves, our peers and our relatives.  Put simply, a very high percentage of us now enjoy a steady, almost predictable pattern of increasing weight accompanied by declining health.  We decided we did not want to be a statistic, like the 1 in 3 males in my generation that will have cancer.   To this end, we changed EVERYTHING, but not all at once, not even close.

We cleaned up our diet first, thanks to Robb Wolf, and then we started looking at the other potential assaults on our bodies.  City water, with it’s super-fun cocktail of pharmaceutical particulate, chemical and agricultural runoff and added fluoride, was an obvious red flag.  That, however, was easily solved by adding a distiller and a re-mineralizing filter to our water supply.  Next, we turned our hairy eyeball to, the reason we are all here today, PLASTIC.  Turns out it is a genuine hell on earth product for both humans and the natural world at large.  (We go into all the nightmarish details at length here.)

When beginning the process of replacing plastic, we specifically looked at things that get hot near our food and drink and/or touch our food and drink.  I figured this was the best, and healthiest, starting point for our migration away from plastic use.  Turns out, A LOT of plastic things touched our food and drink.  Like a whole lot.  It seemed like an endless cascade of realizations and then research as we slowly proceeded to replace every item we could.   We purchased a few stinkers along the way but eventually found good, reliable replacements for almost every plastic item in our life.    We have created this site to be a helpful resource for you to make the switch more quickly and efficiently than we did.   Any item we recommend and/or review is worth mentioning and has been satisfactory to us or we wouldn’t waste your time or the pixels.  We sure hope it helps!  Wishing you much health and happiness on your journey to Replace The Plastic!  Click here to get start the journey.

Written by Dave