“Everybody is TSA Pre-Check today!”   That’s what the nasty female TSA person herding us like sheep through the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport said, in between screaming at us to “keep moving, hurry up and stay in a single file line.”  As I shuffled forward with the rest of the sheep, I looked ahead to surmise my fate and I noticed that they were only using the metal detectors, aka magnetometers, and had safety cones blocking the entrances to the dreaded microwave backscatter naked body scanners.  In addition to the relaxed scanning, we were told to “leave our shoes on and leave our laptops in our bags” and people were whisked through the security check quickly, and dare I say of a government agency, efficiently.  Even with the increased volume of travelers, the line was moving at a brisk pace rarely seen, even on normal days.  “Did we track down and kill all the terrorists overnight?”, I mused.  Of course not, but apparently on busy travel days like today, the day after the Super Bowl, to avoid a log-jam of people at the “security check”, the TSA treats everyone as if they have TSA “pre-check” status.  That effectively means that on these special days, known to the public days, months and often years in advance, even possible terrorists will be treated as TSA pre-check.

If you don’t know what TSA Pre Check is, by their own definition it is an application and fee process that frequent travelers can complete, “that allows travelers deemed low-risk by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to pass through an expedited security screening at certain U.S. airports. Qualifying travelers don’t have to remove their belts, shoes or lightweight jackets. They may also leave a laptop in its case and a 3-1-1 compliant bag (which can contain items with small quantities of liquids, gels, etc. such as a travel-size bottle of mouthwash) in their carry-on.”

As a traveler, I appreciate the gift of being able to keep my shoes on, my laptop in my backpack and cruise right through with little delay. But as a liberty lover and part-time critical thinker who has been irked by the TSA since its inception, I can’t help but scratch my head at this suddenly inconsistent policing that has relaxed out of convenience on a busy travel day.  And, if I were a “terrorist,” I just learned something: busy days are not only days where you could hurt the most people because there are more of them, they are also the days where it would be easiest to achieve said act.

For me, the fact that this otherwise indispensable security can be thrown by the wayside because there are too many travelers to screen, implies that the TSA policy is that security takes a back seat to convenience. This begs the question. Is this all just “security theater?”  Is all of this TSA stuff since 9/11 actually just a way to seize increased control of citizens’ privacy and movements? Is it really just a way for government cronies to siphon our money into their pockets as they build a totalitarian security state that imprisons us, while pretending to defend us against in an imaginary threat?  We’ll probably never know for sure but here are some conclusions I’ve made after much research:

  1. The draconian TSA searching methods and naked body scanners, which were brought on by false pretense, are merely for security theater and designed to get us used to being searched and touched.
  2. These scanners were ordered and delivered long before the “underwear bomber” incident but were rolled out shortly after as a supposed reaction to this event.  Coincidentally, the Director of Homeland Security at the time, Michael Chertoff, had a financial interest in Rapiscan, the curiously named company that makes the scanners he championed as a reaction to the “underwear bomber.”
  3. Little to no safety testing was done prior to rolling out these machines that assault your body with microwaves, while generating a naked image of you.  I ALWAYS exercise my right to opt out of these, which unfailingly triggers a rigorous and invasive hands-on body search and occasionally what seems to be an intentional slow down designed to make me late for my flight and discourage future opt-out’s.  Alas, this is the price I must pay to avoid the microwave radiation.
  4. If you are a terrorist, you now know that heavy travel days are the days when you might get a free pass.  I would imagine with just a little research, one could predict future days and locations of similarly relaxed security.  Fortunately, there aren’t nearly as many terrorists as the deep state and it’s “news media” would have you believe.  And if you do a little digging, you will find that a large percentage of “terrorist plots” that are discovered are actually created by the FBI.  This is very much an agency creating a purpose for its own existence.
  5. The TSA had a 96% FAILURE rate in 2015-2016 tests done by private agencies.
  6. TSA employees are not screened very well and are often criminals and pedophiles.


The links in the above list are just a small sampling of horrible reports on the TSA’s performance over the years.  I suggest you have a look around for yourself and reconsider exactly what is going on here.  Is this an honest attempt at security gone wrong?  Or is it simply a blatant and intentional trampling of our rights by the deep state as a tactic in it’s long term game of dismantling our constitution?

Written by Dave