We at ReplaceThePlastic.com wish everyone a safe and healthy Thanksgiving weekend.  And to that end, I wanted to bring to your attention that they are doing free replays of the documentary series “The Truth About Cancer” all weekend.  This extremely comprehensive and revealing 9 part documentary has important new information for every viewer, including medical professionals in the audience.  Click here to get free access to all 9 parts.  And please share them with your friends and family.  The truth is really starting to pierce through the mainstream noise and it’s more important than ever that we keep applying steady pressure to defeat the heavily financed disinformation campaign that is the mainstream media.

I recommend starting with Part 1 because it puts the whole medical industry into a fact-based, but little known, context.  It courageously delves into the history of special interests, like the Carnegies and Rockefellers, who hijacked the medical education system in the early 1900’s to specifically promote a course of care that would benefit their respective businesses.  Rather than using their money, power and influence to help promote a system based on true health for patients and real cures and knowledge for doctors, they hatched a long-term plan for profit and deception, and created the system that today, continues to bring us expensive, yet ineffective, treatments that produce profits for pharmaceutical and petroleum companies instead of real cures for sick patients.  One interesting tidbit I took away from Part 1 is that chemotherapy drugs are actually a derivation of mustard gas.  That’s right, the accepted standard course of care for a very sick person is to give them a known poisonous  substance that in addition to being a very effective agent of death during war time, is definitively known to cause cancer.

I truly hope that after you are done eating your turkey dinner and watching football, you’ll consider watching just one episode.  I will warn you that this series isn’t nearly as slickly produced as your favorite Zoloft or Paxil commercials but it might just save you or a loved one from being ground up and sucked dry by our profit-hungry, pharmacopoeia-based medical system.  And maybe you’ll even decide to purchase the whole DVD set and start hosting viewing parties like we have.  With 1 in 2 males and 1 in 3 females alive today expected to get cancer, I can’t think of a more important way to spend an hour or two of your precious time off this weekend.  Happy and healthy Thanksgiving everyone!

Written by Dave