Big, but not so surprising, news:  According to a number of studies, the most common BPA-free plastics, BPS and BPF cause the same type of endocrine disrupting effects that originally sparked consumers to demand a safer alternative.  That’s right, the supposed safer alternatives to BPA, BPS and BPF caused major hormone disruption (altered levels of estrogen and testosterone),  which led to premature births, low sperm count, thyroid problems, DNA damage and brain defects.  You can read the results of several revealing studies on BPA-free plastics here.  Long story short, “BPA-Free” is not an indication of safety but simply a new brand of poison with the same old effects, disguised as a safe alternative.

While none of these studies has gone as far as to blame estrogen mimicking plastics for the rise in cancer rates, several of the researchers have alluded to their suspicions. And it would seem that the results of one study were so alarming that a researcher claims to have thrown away all of her plastic food storage containers and switched to all glass food storage.

Ok, now that I’ve scared the daylights out of you, I’ll give you some good news.  The research has also shown that these plastics are metabolized very rapidly in the body and you can be rid of them in a very short time…if you eliminate your exposure.  So, this is your chance to save yourself if you haven’t taken action yet.  Do yourself a favor and just make one change to reduce your exposure to plastic NOW.  Replace your child’s plastic bottles and cups or maybe throw away your plastic food containers and buy some good glass versions.  Unfortunately, most have still have plastic lids, so don’t cook with the lids on.  And if that’s just a little too drastic for you, maybe try dumping your food out of your plastic container and onto a plate before microwaving.  Just do something!  And speaking of the good old microwave, I’ll be discussing the many downsides of microwave cooking in an upcoming post that you won’t want to miss.  Until then, remember that the effects of plastics are cumulative, so try to keep your dosage as low as possible by avoiding items or choosing plastic-free alternatives whenever you can.

Written by Dave